Tulips Ball



Last year the Tulips Ball supported the Order of Malta Young Disabled Summer Camp in Lebanon and the Lourdes pilgrimage giftshop (for creating extra funding for the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes), by giving all the donations to the Order of Malta.

This year the Tulips Ball is again supporting a very worthy cause by organizing a special tombola for children that are often forgotten in the Netherlands. It is our sincere hope that together we can make a small difference to the people that are less fortunate. Children should not suffer from circumstances that they did not create, but should simply enjoy life to the fullest and just be a kid like all others. If we can make that little difference by organising a tombola for the support of this wonderful foundation, we will gladly do so.

The foundation:
“The foundation ‘Het Vergeten Kind’ (translated into English: The Forgotten Child) is committed to a large group of children with severe psychological injuries who are forced to live in shelters. There are about 30.000 to 35.000 children who are physically or sexually abused, neglected, casted off or escaped from a war elsewhere. They live in sober shelters which provide minor play areas and insignificant trauma care. These children are often unrecognizable or noticeable and we therefore call them the ‘forgotten’ children. We provide these children with child friendly surroundings, offer them activities and organize events, in order that they can play, that they can relax or that they are being activated. Furthermore, we take an initiative to expose the situation of these children to the responsible youth care organizations and the Dutch society.”

Please take a look at the short promo of the foundation, to see what kind of great work they are doing for these children: